Dark Chocolate

John is an unabashed chocolate aficionado (otherwise known as a “chocoholic”).

But it has to be good chocolate, that is, real chocolate. We’re not talking here about chocolate flavoured candy (which some people refer to as “milk” chocolate), nor are we talking about “white” chocolate, which normally doesn’t contain any chocolate at all. No...we’re talking about the real, dark (>70% cacao) chocolate.

Did you know that chocolate has NO caffeine! Yes, despite everything you read on the internet, it is absolutely true. It would seem that, as is often the case, the internet just acts to perpetuate urban myths.

Pure chocolate has no caffeine at all. If you would like to see the real info on chocolate, go to Mark’s web site.

My Favourite Chocolate Bars:

Sharffen Berger (70%)
Cocoa Camino (70%)
Denman Island Chocolate (70%)
Godiva Dark Chocolate (with raspberry filling)

(This last one I picked because I am a sucker for chocolate and raspberry together, even though the Godiva chocolate isn’t, in my opinion, quite up to the standard of the other bars listed :>)

John Sobkowicz 2016