Our Family

Photo: This is a picture of our immediate family. Back row: our children Shawna, Angela, Leah, Aaron and Eric. Front row: Janette and John

Our intention with this web site is to provide the following:

  1. Some information on our own family history / genealogy (this includes branches going back to Poland, Ukraine, Austria, England, Ireland and Spain on John’s side of the family; and to Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Russia and Denmark on Janette’s side of the family).
  2. Some information about our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, sometimes called “The Mormons”) and a service mission to Australia.
  3. A site to share family photographs.

If anyone wishes to contact us, particularly with any family history or genealogy-related items, please send an e-mail (note that you will be asked to respond to our spam service and identify yourself as a real person).

Note - John does not speak Polish or Ukrainian, even though both nationalities are in his immediate ancestry - only English. We do have limited capabilities of understanding French and Spanish as well, but our apologies regarding other languages, (there might be a delay if you try anything else). And there is always Google Translate - that has helped us out in a pinch.

John and Janette Sobkowicz, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (updated December 11, 2019; 13:44 PST)

John Sobkowicz 2016